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Rick Hinderer Flashpoint

Handground by Mr.Rick Hinderer!

Duan Dywer custom knives (STRIDER)

S30V Steel Blade, the bottom one is hand ground satin finish.

Duan Dwyer Custom SMF (Satin)

The third custom knife I got from Tank store, I like it very much since it is Tanto style blade. Especially , it is satin finish, razor sharp!!!.

Rick Hinderer XM18 GEN.1 (Hellfire Blade)

Usually, XM 18 is Spanto Blade , I will post more pictures later(Gen.2 XM18 with Spanto Blade). I got this one from Tank Store in Bangkok, Thailand….very hard to find one^-^”

Duan Dwyer Custom Knives(Twin)

The very first Two custom knives I got from Tank Store, Bangkok, Thailand . Back to year 2006, Tank store insisted I need to purchase two knives at the same time. They are not for sale seperately since Duan said they are twin. I decided to buy it since I just got twin boys at […]

25 Best Free WordPress Theme/Template and more…

My journey before being here at BLADEOFMIND took back to  last Febuary, the time that I completed my 36-hours web designer course. My purpose of taking the web designe course is to have my own website to public my blade gallery, while I had not known about WordPress. I had heard a little about Blog, Bloggang, […]

Hello Santi! Hello World!

Welcome to, I am the one who has been in love all kind of blade and all tactical products. After a time of collecting these stuff, I decided to share them with you guys today. Welcome everybody to come and let the world see what we have in mind. I am not that kind […]