25 Best Free WordPress Theme/Template and more…

Best Free WordPress Template_viewport, Such a Sexy Theme...

Best Free WordPress Template_viewport, Such a Sexy Theme...

My journey before being here at BLADEOFMIND took back to  last Febuary, the time that I completed my 36-hours web designer course.

My purpose of taking the web designe course is to have my own website to public my blade gallery, while I had not known about WordPress. I had heard a little about Blog, Bloggang, something like this but never understand what to do with it.

After completed my proudly cool web designer degree, I devoted most of my time to create my own dream web, who used to do so might understand me most. I found it not easy to come out with professional look as expected before.At this time  my brother who just saw my web design work introduced me to WordPress and suggested me to apply for it.

Thank God for my Brother…

The problem not end yet, I spent days for searching the best WordPress, not because themes found are not good enough but there are too many good WordPress Themes to choose. Finally , I found this Okinawa theme at Elitefreelancing while they have a lot of  beautiful and professional-freemium Wordpress Theme for everyone.

I then planed to share this information here so that someone like me don’t have to waste too much time in searching for the Best Free WordPress Theme anymore. I am not gonna promise it to you but I will try to find sometimes to do my best.

Here is the place where I got this nice theme, thank so much for Mr.Danno for sharing …

Enjoy more soon…

great aquarium and many best theme I just found today

May 15, 2009 , here are some good wordpress theme from various websites:

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    Onload of page my antivirus put alert, check pls.
    Thank you

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Anna, we are checking about it, I am very new to this kind of thing-blog, web, so don’t know what is going on, gonna ask my younger brother.

  3. KeHoeff says:

    hey this is a very interesting article!

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    thanks KeHoeff for visiting here, I haven’t tell one about this place…just want to work more on it but i really have no time, so whoever come here, i deeply thank you.

    I now have problem about the line break, WP doen’t allow us to do , have to use plug in which have to wait for my brother again, so reading article here may cause your eyes a bit tired….hahaha, sorry for that.

    One again thank you, please come back again ^-^

  5. WP Themes says:

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  13. Great theme, I like it, I have download it for my next blog!

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    Very nice and intrestingss story.

  15. very interesting theme.. Thank u for shared admin..=)

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