Rick Hinderer Flashpoint

DSC05505resizedDSC07761reDSC07755reHandground by Mr.Rick Hinderer!

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  1. GarykPatton says:

    Hi! I like your srticle and I would like very much to read some more information on this issue. Will you post some more?

  2. admin says:

    Hi, Gary, thank you for being here. I am glad hearing that you like the information , I will try to post more soon but I am during a trip to Taiwan with my family.

  3. admin says:

    Rick Hinderer’s Flash point is small fixed blade neck knife. I prefer folder than fixed blade for everyday carry. XM18 is the answer. But very hard to get recently, I will post more pictures of XM 18 in my web for you reference.

    I have one XM24 Pototype ,only 10 being made so far. I will also post them in the near future.

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